An open letter to anyone
'Ok, I have a serious issue to deal with in my life… I have been trying to get out of this racist town for 6 years now but due to illness, death, financial among other things I have been stuck here… Applied for SSD benefits 2 years ago and have been turned down 3 times already.. going to a live video conference on June 4th with advocates and my SSD Lawyer but it seems it can't get here quick enuff..I tried to come up with $$ to move out of here but got turned down at every bank and door I tried.. I don’t want to live with anyone and I am not asking for handouts as I will have money after the 4th.. But I don’t know that I will make it if I have to stay here… People just won’t leave me alone.. I can’t even step out my front door without getting harrassed by neighbors that have been nothing but a-holes since day 1.. Dealing drugs, partying etc…. I want to make it to see Faye and I feel as tho I won’t make it……. Any resources will be appreciated…’

Peter Pan Syndrome…lol

Keeping it real and fun!!!!!!!!


my felix the cat stuffed animal

Now your’e just somebody that I used to know!!!